Sage Wellness Collaborative

We customize our wellness care for EVERY client, for EVERY service, EVERY time.

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We are a Wellness Collaboration of Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioners. We specialize in customized expert care and relaxation and pain relief treatments.

Some of our most popular services are:

Massage and Spa Therapy services
Neuromuscular Cupping & Myofascial Release
Infrared Therapy - try out our Infrared Cocoon!
Anti-aging Treatments and Body Wraps
Lymphatic Treatments
Fibro Relief Treatments
Add On Services and many more...

We also retail wellness products from MN and around the county. These products include:

Hand Printed designer Tee's
Body Lotion/Hand Cream
Natural Soap
Natural Skin Care
Lip Balm
CBD Products - Tincture/Body Oil/Bath Bombs
Essential Oil Products
Artisan Teas and Jelly
Nutritional Supplements & Shakes
This coming Sat 12/5 we have rare "walk in" hours 10-3
25% Off the entire inventory and I (owner/therapist) will be there to personally answer any product questions.

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